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Being a Member of CSL Greater Baltimore is a wonderful, enriching, fun, and ... experience. 

As a member you are a part of a Spiritual Community that is moving in the same forward, evolving direction that is in alignment with the vision of creating a world that works for all.

What exactly is membership?

Membership is a commitment to your Spiritual Community. It is one way of showing you are interested in the community (the people) and the work this community is doing. Membership is belonging to a Spiritual Family where we all actively care, support, nurture, and encourage one another.

Membership also affords you the opportunity to hold a Board of Trustees position should you desire to run in a future election at an annual meeting. If you want more information about what positions are available and what they require, feel free to ask one of the Board of Trustees and they will provide you with the information.

How I become a member?

The first step is to take the Discovery Class, which is now also offered online below.

You can take it at your leisure when you are ready and willing to do so. 
The next step is to speak to a member of the Board of Trustees if you have any remaining questions about membership. 

Once you are ready to proceed, you can access the Member Agreement found here:

This is a statement of active choice and conscious alignment that you choose to be an Active, Loyal, and Supporting member of this Spiritual Community and that you share of your Time, Talents, Treasure, and Tithes in clearly identifiable ways. It is a fillable PDF for your convenience. Once filled out, you can save and send to or print and mail it to us at P.O. Box 27427 Towson, MD 21285

Additional Self-Paced Online Courses coming soon

You will be able to visit the Online Course page for details soon