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Volunteers Wanted!

The Community is made up of each and every one of the individual members and attendees who gather together. There is no community without community participation and involvement. In order for us to demonstrate and live according to our Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Values, we all are called to serve.

Below are a few of the ways you can serve AND if you do not see something below but you feel called to volunteer in another way, you are strongly encouraged to reach out to Rev. Ray and or the Board to offer your services.

New Building Search Committee
Fundraising Committee
Friend-Raising Committee
Set up and Take Down Crew for In-Person Sunday Service

Other things going on at CSLGB and the larger CSL community, and Beyond. . .

The CSLGB Quarterly Magazine!
Available here until September 23, 2022
After the 23rd, available only through the Member Login
Click the cover
your copy!
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The year ends with this ASL 2 class... 
More to come in 2023!

You can stay in the loop for all of the ASL classes offered by CSL and taught by Rev. Dr. Ray


This is also a great resource for other varied Professional Development offerings from CSL's Professional Development Team.

Our spiritual communities have forever changed these past few years. COVID has luminated the best (and worst) aspects of our spirituality, perhaps forever changing how communities will gather, communicate, and offer support to their members and beyond. Spirituality, at its best, offers personal growth, inner peace, and indomitable hope. How will our spiritual communities meet these needs and communicate to the broader world that our faith based hubs are committed to such healing work? Some of the best progressive spiritual leaders of our time will help us envision a spiritual message and mission for the needs of our day rather simply recycling the ways and words of the past.  Sunshine Cathedral Lumination: The Visioning Conference will create a space for exploration, conversation, and crafting of visions of what our spiritual communities will look like after COVID.  Join us, become inspired and learn new ways to craft your vision.

Note: Rev. Dr. Ray is scheduled to be one of the presenters

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Classes: Spiritual Mind Treatments

4 Week Training opportunity for Licensed Practitioners

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