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Unapologetic Audacious Self-Care


Do you find it easier to say 'yes' to the needs of others than 'yes' to yourself? Has caretaking of others, parenting, and simply the past few years of uncertainty left you feeling drained and uninspired?


Are you ready to release people-pleasing and other programming from your earlier life that tells you to put others before yourself, even to your own detriment?


When we engage in Unapologetic Audacious Self-Care we live, move, and have our being from a totally new consciousness; one that gives us the capacity to steward our lives on our terms and to live more meaningful, healthy, and balanced lives.


Thursdays, Mar 10-31, 6-7:30 pm PT
Instructor: Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson
Category: Mental & PhysicalWellbeing
Location: Webinar (link information is posted on class resource page, and will be sent out a few days prior to class starting, as well as 5pm each class evening)
Tuition: $99 until 8 pm, Sun 3/6; $125 after
Click here to register online 

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Join us this summer for our Summer Movie Series, hosted by Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson.

We’ve gathered eleven movie lovers, speakers, and teachers to present their interpretation of the spiritual message within a film they chose. Come with questions and curiosity – it will be a fun, insightful time for those who love movies and for those who want to understand a deeper spirituality alive in cinema.

You can join us for the entire series or register for individual weeks.

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