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Hope and Infinite Life Affirming Possibility (Prayer)

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Bringing my attention to this moment and this breath . . . I release any thinking that is not Life-Affirming.

And I focus solely and completely on The All that IS and what It is as me.

God breathing as me, Life Living as me, Love Loving as me.

My thoughts must be God's thoughts and so I choose to think on things that demonstrate health, wellness, wholeness, solutions, synergy, and creativity.

My words must be God's words and so I choose to speak only that which is Truth, so powerfully that healing results, joy abounds, collaborations are formed, and oneness is understood.

My feelings are God's feelings and so I choose to feel the love and compassion of Spirit for all of the ways It shows up, I actively participate and initiate laughter, passion, satisfaction, and that deep sense of Ahhhhh.... today is a day well-lived.

My body is God's body and so I choose to act and serve and to be a walking demonstration of what it means to embody God.

I greet the world with hope and infinite possibility and I anchor deeply and know this Truth for all of creation.

Every city, town, hut, house, igloo, skyscraper, temple, cave, and apartment, is the sacred site of God!

And every person who visits and lives in these sacred sites is a Holy incarnation of The Divine.

The very air we breathe right now vibrates with a power and energy that dispels fear, anxiety, and illness.

Every water molecule right now is holy water blessing the world with every raindrop, every drink, every bath, every hand-washed, every snowflake, every foggy mist in the morning.

Cleansing, purifying...

Peace and serenity...

Oneness and Unity... as we right now accept the invitation to elevate, to expand, to evolve as a Global family.

We understand there are no walls nor borders that can prevent the air from freely moving, nor can they hinder the flow of love, or the connection we feel right now to one another.

And so with a deep sense of gratitude, I surrender and allow the Law to receive and to act accordingly.

Even now, political leaders, medical professionals, scientists, economists, strategists, parents, ministers, practitioners, chaplains, inmates, janitors, teachers, ... ALL of humanity in this breath feels the healing Power and Presence of Spirit!

Right now in this breath the world is working together, collaborating, cooperating, communicating, and creating.

How great it is to be alive right now to witness the Divine demonstration of a World that Works for All!

Released because it's done.

Celebrating because it's finished.

And so it is!


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