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Ready to Meet In Person?

Good Day CSLGB!

I hope this email finds you well. We value your input for this momentous choice we have before us.

First off, I want to thank Robin for her vision and work to get us here. She is instrumental in bringing this option to fruition. We have a proposal on the table to start in-person Sunday Services in April at Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center's Hill House (the smaller building).

On Friday, March 10, Robin, Rev. Kathleen and I visited Ruscombe Mansion to (1) find a location for the April 1st workshop, and (2) explore the possibility of holding Sunday Service there.

We determined that to start, the space that would be suitable is the "conference room" at Hill House, on the 1st floor of the building (with an accessible entrance). As we grow in attendance, we would then be able to move to the Community Hall on the lower level (which is accessible through an entrance from the parking lot).

We also found out that the Community Hall is not available until the afternoon on Sunday. Moving the time of Sunday Service to later in the day would help us seamlessly move to the lower level when we grow in attendance. That's why we (Robin, Rev. Kathleen, and I) are proposing a later time for Sunday Service. Service would be from 3pm or 3:30pm - 4:45/5 ish, with Board meetings being held there after 3rd Sunday service.

I "softballed" the suggestion of moving the time of Sunday Service at the Lunch Bunch (March 12), and it was well received. MaryAnne, Harry, Charles, Gerise and I had a lovely time, BTW.

We brought this proposal to the board meeting on March 19 -- we suggested that we could start meeting in person on April 9th (Easter Sunday). The board was very receptive to the ideas, and voted to bring this to the full community. We determined that we are NOT ready for an April 9th start date, but we're looking to start in person in April 2023 -- May 2023 at the latest. We are looking forward to your feedback. Are you ready to come back to Sundays in person?

We are open to suggestions on how to roll this out to the community.

Please call me at 410-357-1431 or email or to provide your feedback.

Dana Cole

President of the Board of Trustees

CSL Greater Baltimore

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