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Affirmations and Declarations

This page offers a place for you to access various Affirmations and Declarations of what Truths you are ready to receive and embody! 

If there is a specific topic you would like to see added as an affirmation/declaration, contact us at

Emotional Well-Being


We all experience times in our lives when joy may seem to be missing in our lives. What we must come to understand is that joy comes from within. So, whenever you may find yourself feeling a little less than joyous, affirm something along these lines:

I am the joy of the Divine. I am always guided and directed to experience only the highest and best throughout this day. Yes, I am the joy of God.


No Separation 

Feeling separate from life, separate from our good, is an experience we may go through at some points in our lives. This may be a fact, but it is not the Truth of our being. We are all created in the spiritual image and after the likeness of God. Which means we are one in and with the Divine. When this feeling of separation comes up affirm the following:

I affirm that there is only one life, God’s life. That life is perfect, abundant and fantastic. Knowing that I am one in God, God’s life is my life now. I live this day in grace, joy and enthusiasm.

Health and Wellness


Sickness, illness, and dis-ease are not natural in the realm of Spirit. Nor is it natural to our spiritual essence. Believe that you or a loved one is expressing perfect health now, affirm the following:

I affirm that my body is the temple of the Divine. I affirm perfect health. I affirm complete wholeness and I affirm total well-being. There is nothing that keeps me from experiencing perfect health now. I am grateful.

Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth


No matter what the bank account says. No matter what seems to be going on in life, you are abundantly supported. Know that you are well taken care of, and know this with every fiber of your being. Affirm something along these lines:

II am surrounded by an abundant life. I surrender to and accept this abundance as being mine now. I affirm that all of my needs are met with ease and grace and they are met now.

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