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Our Board of Trustees

President: Robin Farinholt

Vice President: vacant

Robin Farinholt

Treasurer: Sue Monaghan

Sue Monaghan has been part of this teaching since 2004. She has been a Practitioner since 2013. Sue believes that we are the point of power in our lives, that our essence is Spiritual, and it is Good. It is her desire to let Spirit reveal this wonderful truth through her. Sue is committed to CSLGB’s Vision that “We are demonstrating a world that works for all, One Life-Affirming Thought, Word, Feeling, Deed and One human interaction at a time.” We all make a difference in other people’s lives. May our light shine for all to see.

"I am honored to serve as the Treasurer for CSL Greater Baltimore and to be a part of the Board of Trustees.  I enjoy watching the tithe support from the Community and blessing the income.  I give gratitude to be able to pay our Wonderful Senior Minister, Vendors, Musicians & Interpreters on behalf of the Center.  I know that we are always In The Flow as “God” in action through our Outreach and Tithes."

Sue Monaghan1.jpg

Secretary: MaryAnne Marselek

MaryAnne Marsalek

Mary Ann Practitioner-3.jpg

Member-at-Large: Harry Leffman

Harry Leffman

Member-at-Large: Nancie Rosenberg

Nancie Rosenberg

Member-at-Large: Michael Burgess

Michael Burgess

Board of Trustees


Queenie Puryear 2018-2020

Jim Lefter 2020-2021

Robin Fairnholt (interim) 2021-2022

Vice Presidents:







Dr. Roni Ellington (2020 - 2022)

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