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In New Thought Prayer is typically referred to as Affirmative Prayer, in this teaching, Religious Science, or Science of Mind and Spirit, or Science of Mind as it is often called refers to our particular form of prayer as Spiritual Mind Treatment.

What is Spiritual Mind Treatment?

Treatment is a five-step process of affirmative and scientific prayer.  Treatment is a process and method used to realign our thought with our Truth.  Treatment is clearing the thought of negation, of doubt and fear, and causing it to perceive the Truth of the ever-presence of God or Spirit Indwelling that is never separate from us.

What are the Five Steps of a Spiritual Mind Treatment?

I. RECOGNITION (GOD IS) | Recognize God as the ultimate, limitless Presence and Power in the universe. God is all there is.

II. UNIFICATION (I AM) | After recognizing God as the ultimate Presence and Power in and through everything, you now accept that you and God are one. You know God acts through you, as you, in you, and in all life. I am one with God, now.

III. DECLARATION/REALIZATION (I ACCEPT; I AFFIRM) | Already knowing that you are part of God, you realize without doubt or reservation that the good you desire to experience is now taking form through God’s Power. I know my desire is complete and I accept.

IV. THANKSGIVING / ACCEPTANCE (I GIVE THANKS) | Having clearly stated and affirmed what you want to experience, you thankfully accept that the good you desire is yours right now. I accept and give thanks for this good right here and now.

V. RELEASE (I LET GO and LET GOD) | After thankfully accepting your good as already accomplished, you release your prayer to the activity of the Universal Law of Mind, completely freeing yourself of concern. I let go and let God. I release this truth in total belief that it is done.

At the end of every Spiritual Mind Treatment, we say the words “And so it is.” These words let us release our treatment out of our hands with total conviction that we BELIEVE and KNOW that what we desire is already done through the Power of God.

What is a Licensed Practitioner?

A Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioner is a person of high spiritual consciousness and deep understanding, trained in the study of the Science of Mind, and in the art, science, and skill of Affirmative Prayer. Practitioners are dedicated to the cause of helping others, licensed to practice professionally, and bound by a high code of ethics to respect your privacy.

To become a certified Practitioner a person must complete a rigorous multi-year required course of study, pass comprehensive written exams, and be approved by an oral panel consisting of ministers and practitioners. Their licenses are renewed every year after the approval of required continuing education credits and service hours.

Why Use a Practitioner? Practitioners are a healing arm of the center. A good description! When you need an arm around you or a shoulder to lean on, a Professional Practitioner is there – trained, compassionate, and most important, clear about your innate divinity. Your Practitioner will pray with you and keep you in a loving consciousness of prayer to support you in:

  • Eliminating conditions that are not working for your good

  • Exploring the use of spiritual law to create the life you desire

Talk to a Practitioner if you are in need of inspiration, a celebration of a major event in your life, and/or healing in any area: financial, relational, health, or career. You are God's wondrous gift. Let a Practitioner remind you of that!

Practitioners are available for:   

  • Prayer support before and after the services

  • Prayer support for all requests submitted to the prayer ministry

  • Making visits to congregants at hospitals and care facilities

  • Supporting funeral and memorial services

  • Teaching and assisting in classes

  • Holding the "High Watch" at important functions

It is an honor and privilege for a practitioner to support you in any of these areas.

How can I access a Practitioner? Practitioners are available on Sundays to pray with you. They are also available for private, individual spiritual guidance on a fee basis. Feel free to call a practitioner and ask for their fee schedule and location.

Confidentiality: The relationship between the practitioner and the client is one of the utmost confidence, integrity, and trust. It is essential to the practitioner-client relationship that all information shared is kept in the strictest confidence.

How do I receive or request a Spiritual Mind Treatment?

You can connect to a Practitioner after Sunday service for what we typically refer to as a "One Minute Miracle" which is your opportunity to have a one-on-one moment with a Practitioner for prayer.

You can also send an email at any time during the week to request the Practitioner Core to pray for you. And if you want someone to contact you for prayer, you have that as an option as well!

What does a Session with a Practitioner entail?

A session with a Practitioner is more than having a Practitioner pray with you. A session is more like Spiritual Counseling or Spiritual Life Coaching. The depth of what you desire to change, manifest differently, heal, etc is discussed more in-depth, and often you will be given "homework" which is some practice to anchor and assist you in remaining aligned to the Truth. The session might begin with a brief invocation (general prayer to set the tone), move into a discussion, a spiritual practice such as meditation, Tapping, Ho'oponopono, etc, and end with prayer.

One key thing to know is that while prayer is free.

A session with a Practitioner has a financial investment.

What is the investment/fee a Practitioner charges? 

Practitioners conduct their own professional practices, seeing individuals on a fee basis in one-on-one sessions. The fee is established at the time an appointment is made. The fee is not for prayer, but rather for the practitioner's time, training, skill, and professional knowledge of spiritual principles and practices that can enhance one's life. Financial arrangements are flexible and need not be a deterrent to receiving services.

Confidentiality: The relationship between the practitioner and the client is one of the utmost confidence, integrity, and trust. It is essential to the practitioner-client relationship that all information shared is kept in the strictest confidence.


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