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We Are Here to Pray with You! 

Licensed Spiritual Practitioners are licensed through Centers for Spiritual Living Global. They are individuals of high spiritual consciousness and deep understanding, trained in the study of the Science of Mind, and in the art, science, and skill of Affirmative Prayer, also called Spiritual Mind Treatment. Licensed Spiritual Practitioners are dedicated to assisting and supporting others, licensed to practice professionally, and are bound by a high Code of Ethics to respect your privacy. They will pray with you and keep you in a loving Consciousness of prayer to support you in:

  • Identifying conditions and beliefs that are not working for your highest good.

  • Exploring the use of spiritual principles, practices, and Affirmatives Prayer  to create the life you desire.

Practitioners are available for:   

  • Prayer support before and after the services.

  • Prayer support for all requests submitted to the Prayer Ministry.

  • Making visits to congregants at hospitals and care facilities.

  • Supporting funeral and memorial services

  • Teaching and assisting in classes.

  • Holding the "High Watch" at important functions.


It is an honor for a practitioner to support you in any of these areas.

How can I access a Practitioner? Practitioners are available on Sundays to pray with you. They are also available for private, individual spiritual guidance on a fee basis. Feel free to call a practitioner and ask for their fee schedule and location.

Confidentiality: The relationship between the practitioner and the client is one of the utmost confidence, integrity, and trust. It is essential to the practitioner-client relationship that all information shared is kept in the strictest confidence.


To schedule a private, confidential session, please click the button to the right and someone will reach out to you within 12 hours. Namaste'

CSLGB Practitioner Core 

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