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Did you Know?

Rev. Dr. Ray has provided the monthly Prayer for the Science of Mind Magazine for:

Jan 2017/ May 2020/ and May 2021

SOM Magazine 1.jpg
SOM Magazine 1A.jpg
SOM Magazine 2.jpg
SOM Magazine 4.jpg
SOM Magazine 2A.jpg
SOM Magazine 4A.jpg

He was interviewed for an article in the Science of Mind magazine in August 2020

SOM Magazine 3.jpg
SOM Magazine 3A.jpg

June 2021 he coauthored an article with Rev. Andriette Earl

SOM magazine 5.jpg
June 2021 Freedom.png

September 2021, he wrote the daily Guides for the month

Sept 2021 Daily Guides Cover.png
Sept 2021 Daily Guides.png

                            February 2022 he wrote the article, "Radical Self Love: Love In Me, As me, Is Me"

Feb 2022 Self Love Cover.png
Feb 2022 Self Love.png

For more information about the Science of Mind Magazine and to subscribe visit:

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