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At the Center for Spiritual Living Greater Baltimore, Spiritual Education is not only important it is in absolute alignment with our Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Values. 

The courses we offer give the willing student the tools and techniques to not only manage and navigate the complexities of life but to thrive in perfect alignment with the Divine Magnificence of your being!

Throughout the year we offer a wide variety of Online opportunities and once the COVID recommendations have lifted we will reinstate our In-person courses.

In addition to the CSLGB courses we offer, we also have various on-going opportunities to join us. 

Every Wednesday Rev. Dr. Ray facilitates the "Science of Mind textbook Exploration Group" which is a group of people reading and discussing the Science of Mind textbook from cover to cover. Feel free to contact us to see where they are currently in the text.

Every Thursday Licensed Practitioner Sue Monaghan or a community member facilitates a "Study Group" that takes the message of that Sunday and opens the forum for discussion and Q and A opportunities. 

At the end of each month, Nancie Rosenberg and Robin Farinholt host a Movie Night where a "Spiritual" movie is screened and followed by a lively discussion.

March movie:  "Finding Joe - A film about Joseph Campbell's hero's journey"

We also have our "Discovery Class" (which is part of the process for membership) accessible Online when you are ready to become a member. 

For more information and to get registration information about any of these offerings, email or 

(6 Required Courses)

For more information about the Path to Practitioner, the accredited courses, and curriculum, send your question to

Upcoming Courses

The Art and Science of Spiritual Mind Treatment

This course explores the principles and practices of Science of Mind with an emphasis on the use of daily Spiritual Mind Treatment. Combining the principles of Science of Mind and the practice of Spiritual Mind Treatment offers a dynamic training opportunity for students to engage in Intentional Manifestation and allows them to heal, overcome challenges, and change the conditions of their lives and the lives of others.    


Tuesdays 7 - 8:30 PM EST 

9 weeks beginning Oct 18th

90 minutes 


Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson 

For more information and to register: Contact Sue Monaghan at 


Texts for class:

5 Steps to Freedom: An Introduction to Spiritual Mind Treatment. 

Waterhouse, John B. ISBN-13 : 978-0875168425 


The Science of Mind. 

Holmes, Ernest. 1938 edition ISBN-13 : 9780874779219 


Note: Many classes require The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes. 

There are multiple editions of The Science of Mind. It is recommended that students purchase the paperback edition by  Tarcher-Putnam. 

Other editions may have different content and/or page numbering. 


The Art and Science of Spiritual Mind Treatment, Student Guide


Recommended Text:

Treat Yourself to Life. Barker, Raymond C. ISBN-13 : 978-0875167008

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Ongoing Ways to Study

Wednesday Night "Science of Mind and Spirit" Discussion and

Study Group

Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Ray

This group reads various texts from the founder of Religious Science and the fun, informative, revelatory discussions and questions begin!

Never a dull moment with this group (smile).

We not only discuss the material from a spiritual "what does this mean?" position, we, most importantly discuss how to apply and embody the teaching in our lives today.

We meet from 7 -8:30 PM EST

There is no cost for the gathering. Feel free to offer the facilitator a love offering for his time.

You can join each week or join when you are available.

For more information,

email Rev. Ray at or

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Thursday Night Discussion and Study Group

Facilitated by Sue Monoghan, RScP

This group discusses the Sunday message and as a group shares their thoughts, takeaways, and specific challenges they may have with what was shared in the message on Sunday. 

This group meets from 7:30 - 9 PM EST

There is no cost for the gathering. Feel free to offer the facilitator a love offering for her time.

You can join each week or join when you are available.

For more information,

email Sue Monaghan at 

Recently Completed

A Course from the CSLGB Professional Practitioner Series:

"A Walking the Walk Practice"

I wanted to let you know of an upcoming class I am co-facilitating with the magnificent Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson.

It is part of a Professional Practitioner Series. It is called  "A Walking the Walk Practice."

There will be 4 one hour sessions starting on Saturday, August 27 from 12:00 to 1:00 PM eastern time.

We will discuss deepening our consciousness to not only attract the ideal client, we will also look at the Practitioner's style and method of working with people. We will delve into finding out what your brand is.

In other words, why would one want to work with you?

We will discuss how much to charge and why.

We'll get clear on the question, is this a fee or an investment to the client, and the difference between the two.

Most of all, we will blend the practical with the mystical.

We invite you to join us starting Saturday, August 27, at 12:00 PM eastern.

For more information about the class and to register, check out the below flyer. You can also email either me at  or

Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson at

Please feel free to share this with other Practitioners.

To register, contact Sue Monaghan (410) 375-9438

The financial investment is $175.00

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