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At the Center for Spiritual Living Greater Baltimore, Spiritual Education is in alignment with our Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Values. 

The courses we offer are engaging and provides the tools and techniques to manage and navigate the complexities of life, and to thrive in perfect alignment with the Divine Magnificence of your being!

For more information and to get registration information about any of these offerings, email 

Current/Upcoming Courses
For more info call 410-357-1431
Ongoing Ways to Learn

Centers for Spiritual Living offers certificated courses to anyone who is seeking spiritual growth. Certificated courses are Science of Mind based and teach spiritual principles and practices in a variety of topics. Students of certificated courses are registered with the Spiritual Development Education Department and have a permanent student record with Centers for Spiritual Living. Many students takes courses for spiritual and personal development. However, students who accumulate six certificated courses across four course categories are eligible for entry into Practitioner Training.


For more information about the Path to Practitioner, the accredited courses, and curriculum, send your question to

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