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Spiritual Mind Treatments
(Affirmative Prayer)

This page offers specific Prayer Treatments that you may want
for yourself or a loved one. 

If there is a specific topic you would like to see added as a prayer, contact us at

Prayer on PeaceEugene Holden RScP
00:00 / 01:58
Prayer on ProsperityEugene Holden RScP
00:00 / 01:57
Prayer on TrustEugene Holden RScP
00:00 / 02:04
Prayer for OpenessRev. Dr. Ernest Holmes
00:00 / 01:11
Physical Health and Well-Being

Prayer for Health

by Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson

I now stand in the awareness of the One.

The One Presence, the One Power, the One Life.

This One Life that I call God is the Infinite Intelligence that governs the Universe.

I recognize that this One Power is at the center of all of life and is Life ItSelf!

It is the Divine Substance from which all things are created.

It is the very nature of this Divine Presence to permeate, penetrate, and fill the interspaces of the Universe, meaning there is no space where God is not.

Knowing this to be the Truth of Life, I know this to be the Truth of my life.

No matter where I am, God is.

No matter where I go, God is.

Everywhere I go, I Am God in action.

I am created in the Spiritual image and in the Spiritual nature of the One.

I am fully imbued with the same creative intelligence and power that has created the heavens and earth.

Yes, I declare my oneness with God.

It is from my oneness in God that I speak this word for my perfect health.

My body temple as an incarnation of God, demonstrates perfect health, wholeness, and well-being.

Because I am one with, in, and as God, it only stands to reason that my body temple exemplifies perfect health, wholeness, and well-being!

Knowing this to be the truth of my life, I give thanks.

I am grateful for how every one of my organs functions perfectly just as they were designed to do.

I am grateful for this answered prayer. I am grateful for my life, it is good... and getting better and better day by day!

From this high vibration of gratitude, I release my word into the Law knowing that the Law must return this word to me abundantly fulfilled. I receive what is so.

And so, it is.


Knowing the Truth of my Body

by Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson

Anchored in the truth of Oneness I recognize the Is-ness and All-ness of Spirit and call it God.

Knowing that It is all there is and all that there will ever be, I understand and accept that it is what I am. I am God individualizing ItSelf in, through, and as me!

This being the Truth, I know that the full scope of what is True of God must be my Truth as well.

God is the very demonstration of health and wellbeingness and this Truth is the essence of all that is and so as I ground myself and align myself to this awareness, the health of God is experienced as my health, the wellbeing of God is experienced as my wellbeing.

My body is strong healthy and well beyond any appearance to the contrary.

Each and every part of my body right now resonates with this Truth.

Each and every cell of my body, each and every tissue, tendon, muscle fiber, from the flesh that covers my bones to the atomic structure of my body.. it is all working in Divine Right Harmony and is demonstrating and working in accord with Perfect Health and Wellbeing!

I speak it and I feel it as the Truth I am experiencing and in gratitude I release this treatment into the Law of Mind in Action knowing that this prayer, received by the Law is already in motion, and is already showing up in and as my life as answered prayer!

I am grateful to know and to live a healthy, well, and abundant life, right now!

And so it is!

Emotional Health and Well-Being

Emotional Balance 

by Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson

There is only One Power and One Presence and that is Source, Spirit, God.

And what it is, being all there is, must be what I am.

I am an incarnation, an individualized expression of this One.

What then is True of It must be True of each expression of It as well.

There cannot be God and… that which is not God.

The Infinite harmony and balance of this Universal Force, this One Presence and Power, is the exact same harmony and balance that is accessible to me.

It is in Truth already present in me, moving through me, and showing up as me and yet to the degree that I am conscious of it, it expands and expresses more and more of itself.

I choose to make conscious contact to this balance and harmony as it shows up in my emotional intelligence. Because God is Love, I am Love and as Love, I feel and express Love.

Because God it Joy, I am Joy and as Joy, I feel and express Joy.

I am free to feel all of my emotions including sadness when that is what I feel, or anger, even fear, .. however what I know and declare right now is that I am not controlled by and my life is not governed by anything other that the Absolute Truth of my Being as a Divine Manifestation of God.

I may feel angry while I AM Love!

I may feel sadness and grief while I AM Peacefulness and Compassion.

I may feel fear while I AM anchored, grounded and aligned as the Infinite I AM ever becoming as Divine Courage, Purpose, and Vision!

I may fee what I feel and yet still I AM!

Consciously I live move and have my being as one whose aura, the very atmosphere of my being is one of harmony and balance and it radiates from me like the ripples of a calm lake touching all around me.

I am grateful to know this Truth and enve more grateful to live it!

I surrender this prayer into the Law knowing it is received and acted upon with mathematical and scientific laser-like precision and as a result this prayer is already answered, it is already done!

And so it is!



Financial Health and Well-Being

God is the Infinite Source of All

by Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson

All things flow from this Source and are found within it.

This means that which I need financially, that which I want financially is flowing from this boundless Source of All that is.

The where or whom I receive money from is merely a channel of how the Divine supplies ItSelf as me with this resource called money.

I receive the Infinite givingness of God as It gives to ItSelf as me!

I receive from the over-flow of Spirit and my cup runneth over!

There is nowhere in God where scarcity truly exists… Everything about God demonstrates this Infinitude of Spirit.

This is seen in the abundance of stars in the night sky, the number of leaves on the trees, the blades of grass that cover the earth, the grains of sand that make up every beach and dessert… Abundance beyond measure!

This same abundance, being available to me, now flows within my mind and my heart. My mental equivalent is one Prosperity, Abundance, Wealth, Opulence. I receive that I may use the increased blessings of my Time, Talents, Treasures, Tithes!

I give and it is given to me.

I participate in this Law of Circulation, the Divine flow of giving and receiving that I may give yet again and again… Just as God does!

This ability to demonstrate my financial abundance and effective stewardship of my finances fill me with Thanksgiving and Gratitude and from that feeling I allow this prayer to land into the Law.

The Law receives and responds accordingly to give to me the measure of my mental equivalent.

Knowing, feeling, and acting on this mental equivalent I declare the Truth of this prayer because I know it is already answered and in the Mind of God.

It is done!

And so it is!


Prayer for Relationship

by Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson

This is what I know. There is only one power, one presence, one life. This is the life of God. I recognize this one life as being everywhere present. I recognize it in the sky, the grass, and the wind blowing through the trees. I recognize that God is at the very center of all of life. Having no circumference there is nothing that can, does, or will exist outside of the Infinite Presence of God. God is all there is.

Recognizing that God is all there is, I know that right where I am, God is. There is no place I can go where God is not, because I am created in the spiritual image and nature of God itself. Therefore, I stand in and as the presence of the Divine.

Recognizing and acknowledging my oneness in God, I speak this word for all of my divine relationships. Each and every one of my relationships is built on the foundation of unconditional love. All of my relationships are relationships founded in Spirit. Every relationship I have provides me with the opportunity to express unconditional love. I declare all of my relationships as being healed right now.

Knowing that this word is already manifesting in my life, I give thanks. I am grateful for the loving relationships that I experience in my life now. I am grateful to stand on the foundation of unconditional love. My relationship with myself is fantastic. My relationship with my family and friends is joyous. For this and for so much more, I am grateful.

It is from this space of gratitude that I release my word into the awesome activity of love and law. I know that as my word is released into the law, the law with unconditional love, returns my word to me completely fulfilled. I allow it to be even now.

And so, it is.


Right and Perfect Relationships

by Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson

As I anchor to Truth I know that the Infinite Spirit that is all there is

must be connected to each and every part of ItSelf throughout all space!

For me, this means that I too am connected and that as I honor and recognize this connection,

I honor and recognize the quality of my relationships that I declare as being my life experience.

I declare my relationships are a demonstration of clear and compassionate communication,

nurturing and support, 

love and assistance, 

balanced reciprocity, the divine giving and receiving of those who pour into me as I pour into them.

I recognize that each of us is already whole, perfect, and complete and that our relationship is a blessed reminder of this Truth.

I also call holy boundaries into my experience, 

only those who bring to me what I stand for and what I am right now declaring, those are the only people who enter into my sacred circle of relationship.

There is no space in my sphere for discord of any nature and so I stand within the boundaries of light, love, and the lifting up of joyousness as I and those I am connected to enjoy our time together in laughter, conversation, camaraderie, and community.

I see their Divine Magnificence and they see mine and together we live our best lives.

Anchored in Truth I surrender this into the Law knowing it is done accordingly.

And because this treatment is already showing up as answered prayer, I dance in gratitude and joyful thanksgiving.

It is already so

And so it is.

Knowing Truth

One With God

by Frank Mastoris RScP

I stand in the ever-present essence of Spirit.  It is ever moving across the face of the earth. It’s like the wafting winds, the gentle lamb, the subtle waves on the lake.  It expresses itself in and as all forms. 

It expresses Unity, Oneness, Love, Peace, and Joy!  

I am One with this essence. It animates my body, it thinks my thoughts, it feels my feelings.  Thus, I am ever expressive of God.  I express Unity, Oneness, Love, Peace, and Joy!  

I know that above all things, I sit in the Water of Life.  I experience the ever-present flow of God in me, through me, as me. Thus, my life expresses God. And that is my Good.  

I give thanks for my good ever expressing. 

I release this to God within know it is done. And so it is. 


I Forgive and I am Free!

by Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson

One Power and One Presence though many names.

For now, I call it Love.

Love as the Truth of all that I am must act, react, and must respond as that which It is... Love.

It acts as compassion

It reacts as serenity

It responds as kindness

And from this Loving Kindness that is God in motion, I forgive.

I release everyone and everything of their ability to bind me and hold me captive.

Resentment, hatred, bitterness, and grudge-holding are simply synonyms for being held in a prison where the bars are made of thoughts, beliefs, and my own consciousness.

In forgiving, I fling wide the cell doors and I am free.

In forgiving, I remove the toxic venom that creates the chains that bind me. I purify my heart, mind, and soul, by releasing the need to hold poison in my being. I am free.

I understand what true forgiveness is as a divine expression of Love and this Love is what is living, moving, and having Its Beingness as me. I forgive so that I am free.

Free to experience joy.

Free to experience wonderment.

Free to experience Radical Self-Care.

Free to Live as the Divinely Magnificent Incarnation of God that I am!

I know that I am free and the Law says Yes!

Now I gratefully live my life in answered prayer. I am free!

And so, it is.


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