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Born for Such a Time as This (Prayer)

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Breathing... and anchoring to this breath which is God breathing ItSelf as me...

I surrender to Spirit and allow this prayer to pray ItSelf.

Holmes said "that our word has the exact amount of power that we put into it," and so I allow, I surrender to the Infinite Power of Spirit to speak Its Word now!

Grounding in Truth

Grounding in Health

Grounding in Abundance

Grounding in Love

Grounding in Peace and wonder and everything that is a demonstration of A World That Works For All...

And so right now in this breath, I ground the entirety of my being body, mind, heart, and soul to this World That Works For All, and what is mine to do within it.

I surrender what does not serve and I courageously right now, in this breathe take on what does serve the clarion call of Love and ever-expanding consciousness.

Each and every individual incarnating being is the Divine and so this call is even now reaching to every corner of the globe, the highest peaks of every mountain to the deepest depths of every sea...

The call awakens us, now in this breath, ...

Awakening every one of us to greater health and wellbeing, greater wealth and abundance, richer and more meaningful relationships, and more fulfilling service to the world.

It is awakening in the very fabric of time and space, a global consciousness that honors peace over war, food over famine, oneness over separation.

It is awakening in the very atomic and quantum filed, a planet that is balanced, a planet that is free of toxins and pollutants, a planet that nurtures and sustains all life upon and within it.

It is awakening right now in this breath the very same goodness that the story of Genesis speaks of where it says... In the beginning,... and it was GOOD!

Right now, this word becomes flesh!

Right now, every incarnation of Sprit is this GOODNESS living ItSelf in human form!

Right now, in this new and ever-expanding beginning I gratefully dance in the circle that knows.

I know that what exists in the Mind of God IS!!

I know that this prayer, placed into Law IS!!

It is, already fully manifest and functioning perfectly, completely, and in a Wholly Holy way... right NOW... And so I simply anchor to my role as steward of this Bold New World and I step forward into that realm of living, breathing, being a world citizen whole proudly and gratefully lives in a World That Works For All!!

I was born for such a time as this and what is true for me is true for all!!

Knowing this to be so I allow it to be what it IS!

And so it is!!


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