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Build From the Atmosphere of God (Prayer)

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

As the process of breathing blends seamlessly the inhalation and the exhalation, I anchor in the power, the rhythm, and the unity of the breath.

I anchor in the realization that Spirit is breathing this breath as It breathes ItSelf as me and as everyone who reads and listens to this Treatment!

Anchored in Unified Oneness with this Divine myriad of Holy Incarnations, I celebrate the majesty, the beauty, the wonderful tapestry of creation as it shines through every person, every animal, every work of art, every song, every meal, every hug, smile, laugh, breeze, and every breath.

I honor the legacy and the vision of this Powerful Movement that is CSL as each of us rises to the ever-present call of Spirit to shine brighter in the world, to love more passionately and audaciously, to communicate more compassionately and clearly, to dream more vividly and to build. . .

Build from that place where the Voice Celestial sings and the notes gather communities.

Build from that place where Consciousness knows only Health, Well-being, and an Abundance of Power in every area of our lives:

Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally, Spiritually, Relationally, Financially!!

And to Build from the very Atmosphere of God!

The Atmosphere that knows once it is thought, it exists! Once it is spoken, it exists! Once it is felt, it exists! And once we know Health exists in thought, word, feeling, ...

Once we know Peace exists in thought, word, feeling, ...

Once we know Equity exists in thought, word, feeling, ...

Once we know A World That Works For ALL exists in thought, word, feeling, ... we ACT accordingly!

We act like we know it!

We Treat, move our feet, and hold the Vision until it is complete!!

It is from a place of wonderous gratitude that I surrender this Prayer of Declaration to the Law.

It is from a state of magnificent appreciation that I remain Open at the Top doing what is mine to do in my life, in my community, in CSL, and in the world!

How wonderful it is to feel the flow of Creation speaking this Prayer through ItSelf as me and knowing it to already be what is,

I say... And so it is!


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