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A World That Works For All (Prayer)

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

As I fully surrender to the awareness that this breath is being breathed by The Universe as Life living ItSelf, ...

LIFE/GOD expressing in, through, and as me and as all who read this prayer and as all those that this prayer is about!

All that is... Is God!

Recognizing this eternal Truth I declare this prayer, this treatment as already being answered,

already manifested,

already demonstrated,

and already what is experienced!

It is so!

The planetary eco-systems of the Earth are restored, clean, and are inviting and supportive of all animal species and plant life in powerful, new, and magnificent ways.

It is so!

Humans have come together and continue to gather in new synergistic ways and are ever-developing new and more effective business models that reach and serve the global human family.

It is so!

Religious institutions of all faiths, practices, and stages along the Spiral, are ever-evolving, ever-transcending, and have moved beyond the tribal paradigms of us vs. them, in favor of the consciousness of oneness and unity and have embraced and are celebrating the recognition of each individual's divinity.

It is so!

Political institutions the world over have recognized the corrosive nature of separation and warmongering and have yielded to the divine impetus of love, togetherness, cooperation, collaboration, and communication as evolved and awakened leaders now see a world without borders, without boundaries, and without barriers.

It is so!

Every institution and place of medicine and medical care, education and higher learning, entertainment, leisure, and more have all conspired with love, compassion, and the creative potential of Life ItSelf and have developed greater and more effective ways to care for, to educate, to enrich, enliven, enlighten, and empower every person the world over.

It is so!

As I breathe and allow this prayer to pray ItSelf into demonstration, I anchor to the awareness that this prayer is ultimately praying one simple fact into being

. . . "A World That Works For ALL!"

Knowing this to be the prayer, the call, the work, the blessing, and the joy, ... I surrender with gratitude into the Law

I surrender it with gratitude because I know that this prayer could not be prayed if it were not already in the One Mind!

And knowing that in the One Mind it is already so, ...

I know that all people, all energetic vibrations, all transformative changes, evolutionary ideas, etc must also already be aligned and conspiring continually and courageously doing this work.

How wonderful it is experience the demonstration of walking gently in cities that work for all,

where all people have meaningful employment,

where all students attend empowering schools,

where all modes of travel are environmentally supportive,

all foods and beverages are healthy and life-enriching and enhancing,

all people have medical care and providers who are forward-thinking, and proactive in maintaining the wellness and well-being of humanity,

and where it is common to see the splendor of people expressing and experiencing their Divine Magnificence!


It Is So!

And So It Is!!



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