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My Life is My Amen (Prayer)

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

One Life One Mind One Breath One Power and One Presence In awesome appreciation and amazement, I wonder at the wonderousness of Magnificence ItSelf…which is incarnating ItSelf in, though, and as me and all that there is! Knowing this I know that that which God is is ALWAYS with and for me because it is with and for ItSelf! It can never be separated, divided, broken, or missing parts and pieces. It is the Infinite Unified Oneness.

In recognition of this unified Power and Presence and the Isness and Allness, I consciously and creatively engage in Spiritual Practices that ever open my mind to the One Mind, ever open my heart to the One Love, and ever open my being to the Infinite Beingness of Spirit being me.

I stand not just in the flow of life but I know that there being One Life and that that Life is what I AM, I know that as I stand in the flow, I am the flow, the flow is me.. Oneness! And what is true for me is true for everyone and everything! In my conscious awareness, I recognize wholeness where some feel brokenness. I recognize love where some feel hate. I recognize unity were some feel separation. I recognize the Infinite and Ever-Expanding Nature of the Divine as Omnipresence ItSelf, the Omnipotence ItSelf, and Omniscience ItSelf!

And as I recognize It not just within me but AS me, it is with ease and grace that I see it mirrored, reflected, and expressing everywhere! Surrendering to this reality and allowing this Truth to take form, I joyfully and gratefully watch the Law do what it does to manifest, express, create, and become what this prayer already is in the Mind of God… This treatment is already SO! And because it is so, I am even now rolling up my sleeves in order to be this prayer in action! Walking the walk, my life is my AMEN!


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