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My demonstration of Being an effective steward (Prayer)

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

The Infinite and Eternal, Life ItSelf, The One, .. for some It is called HaShem... The Name!

I understand that This Power, This Presence, is the Truth of ALL that I am

and it is the Truth of ALL that all IS!

There is Only It!

Recognizing that It, being all there is, is all that I am,

this means the Wisdom, the Love, the Creative Power of Life ItSelf isn't just what I have access to, it IS what I AM!

And what is True for me is True for every person anchoring in this prayer right now.

It is the Truth of all whether they are consciously aware of it or not. God IS!

Wisdom ItSelf, incarnating

Love ItSelf, incarnating

Creative Power incarnating ItSelf!!

Spirit incarnating ItSelf!

I recognize and allow this to be what It is in me, through me, and as me!

I now choose to be the very demonstration of an effective steward

and as an effective steward of my time, talents, and treasures,

I choose today to invest consciously and purposefully in reaping the harvest of a World that Works for All.

I continuously plant the necessary seeds with my thoughts, my words, my emotions, and my actions!

It is with glee and gratitude that I surrender this prayer of Truth to the Law

and this surrendering demonstrates my active participation in the Law of Circulation.

I circulate love, justice, equity, peace, power, unity,

I circulate health and wholeness with every thought, every word, every feeling, and every action

and in so doing, I demonstrate that I am standing in and as the very flow of creation creating ItSelf

and I see and I live the demonstration of this now!

And So It Is!


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